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Eat Play Yum

The Medium Family Friendly Hamper is Chock-full of Cadbury Classics such as Chomp and Curly Wurly, Cadbury Fingers and many more.

It also features a huge variety of classic Sweets such as Swizzels Dip Dab, Lollies, Love Hearts, Refresher and Stinger Bars, Chewits, Cola Bottles and lots more. 

The Medium Friendly Hamper is the perfect Fuel for Play Time!

A personalised message label is included in the price, making this a very lovely gift.


Comes in a Multicolour Hamper Box.

Medium Family Friendly Hamper

SKU: STH1012


A Super Collection fo sweets for everyone.


Hannahs Jazzles White 250g
Fox's Classic 5
3 x Bags of Jellies 100g
Bag of Cola or Fizzy Cola Bottles
Milka or Nestle Crunch Bar 100g
2 x Refreshers
2 x Milkybar Medium 25g
4 x Cadbury Chomp 19g
2 x Animal Bars 12.5g
2 x Cadbury Curlywurly 21.5g
2 x Barratt Nougat 35g
6 x Lollipops
2 x Swizzels Double Dip Orange/Cherry 19g
3 x Swizzels Love Hearts 10g
6 x Maoam Stripes
3 x Refresher Bar 18g
3 x Stinger Bar 18g
2 x Matlow Love Heart Lipstick 6g
2 x Chewits or Fruitella


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