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Environmental Policy

Making the Hamper World Green

Our 5 Point Green Strategy

We are focused on doing our bit for the Environment, so here is our 5 Point Green Strategy:

1. 100% Carbon Neutral

We are the only Hamper Company in Ireland who are 100% carbon neutral, every hamper you purchase from us, we will offset the carbon emissions using a combination of Current and Strategic Green Investment

2. ISO 14001 Environmental Management Compliant

We are the only Hamper Company in Ireland who are ISO 14001 Environmental Management Compliant

3. Committed to Recycling

We are committed to recycling as much as we can and our warehouse is strategically placed beside a Recycling Centre

4. Employee Sustainable Practises

Our employees are committed to more sustainable practices and this includes cycling to work and using an electric car 

5. Hamper Production

Where possible we choose recycled or recyclable material in our hampers is Ireland's only Green Hamper company. We have adopted a more environmentally friendly lifestyle to help protect the earth. As a business that aims for excellence our overall environmental objective is to reduce our waste and carbon emissions. We are offsetting the carbon emissions for every hamper you buy, thus reducing our overall carbon footprint. We have implemented healthy green habits into our production process and our employees are committed to adopting more sustainable practices.  We are a responsible and ethical organisation and are proud to be ISO 14001 certified. Below we have outlined how we are reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Sustainability Processes


  • Our main focus is waste management and saving energy. Our office is situated beside the biggest recycling centre in the town. All waste materials are inspected on a daily basis and the majority of this waste is reused and recycled when possible.

  • We mindfully reduce our energy bills by adopting smarter energy practices where possible, plugging out laptops, turning off lights and reusing old laptops not buying new ones.  We are a fully electrical operation, we do not use a heating system.

  • We print double sided to save paper and recycle the printer toner cartridges. Our Warehouse has energy efficient light bulbs installed.

  • Currently we use DPD delivery services who have just recently hit 1 million sustainable deliveries and invested 2 million into decarbonizing it’s Irish fleet, procuring 100 additional electric vehicles by the end of the year.

  • For external printing we work with Digital Print Ireland who only use paper, which comes from environmentally and responsibly managed forests. They ensure that for every tree used, another is planted.


  • We promote inclusivity and offer equal opportunity, develop potential and attract the very best talent. 60% of our employees in our affiliated companies are women and our finance team are mindful of The Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021 set out by The Irish Government. 

  • We hold our suppliers to our own ESG standards and operate an ethical supply chain.

  • We are GDPR compliant and committed to our data and security privacy policy outlined on our website.


  • Our Data Centres are located in Frankfurt, Germany. The Data Centres we use are ISO/IEC 27001 & PCI DSS Compliant. We use Stripe for card processing with all cardholder data functions fully outsourced therefore falling under SAQ-A. We are fully PCI DSS Compliant.

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