The perfect gift for Fathers Day from SweetToothHampers.


Included in this hamper is a scrumptious box of Maltesers, Fox’s Classic Biscuits, a refreshers and drumstick chew bar, x3 Love Hearts, an animal bar, Cadburys delightful Chomp, x 2 Maoms candy sticks, a Candy Watch and Caffrey’s classic Big-Time bar.


All accompanied with assorted Batman Socks for the ultimate Batdad.


Give your Dad the ultimate treat this Fathers day. Worthy of Batman himself!


A personalised message label is included in the price, making this a very lovely gift.


Comes in a Gold Hamper Box.


Batdad Socks and Treats

SKU: STH1139

A Super Collection of Sweets & Treats.

Fathers Day Assorted Batman Socks

Maltesers Box 100g

Foxs Classic Chocolate 7 Pack

Big Time Bar

x 3 Swizzels Love Hearts 10g

Animal Bars 12g

Refresher Chew Bar 18g

Drumstick Chew Bar 18g

Cadbury Chomp 23.5g

Candy Watch

x 2 Maoms

Push POP