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Happy Chewing

The Roly Poly Retro Delight Hamper contains over 100 items, featuring all-star classics such as Swizzels Refreshers Chew Bars, Swizzels Squashies Double Lollies, Milk Bottles, Barratt Sherbet Fountain, Macroom Bars, Big Time Bars and oodles more!

Roll back into your childhood with the Roly Poly Retro Delight Hamper.


A personalised message label is included in the price, making this a very lovely gift.


Comes in a Colourful Hamper Box.

Roly Poly Retro Delight

SKU: STH1005


A Collection of Lots of Retro and Sweet Treats......

2 x Hannahs Jazzles White 250g
2 x Haribo Jellies
2 x Bag of Jelly Beans
2 x Bag of Milk Bottles
2 x Bag of Retro Sweets
6 x Refresher Bar 18g
6 x Stinger Bar 18g
5 x Cadbury Chomp 19.5g
5 x Cadbury Curlywurly 26g
4 x Mily Bars 35g
12 x Lollipops
2 x Swizzels Double Dip Orange/Cherry 19g
10 x Swizzels Love Hearts 10g
10 x Maoam Stripes
4 x Big Time Bar 30g
6 x Chewits
7 x Rainbow Drops 10g
5 x Matlow Love Heart Lipstick 6g
2 x Refershers
8 x Flumps
4 x Barratt Nougat
4 x Wham Bar 25g
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