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Bringing together the best of Irish Producers all around the country.


From Cork, comes the Ballymaloe 6 jar gift set bringing the famous Ballymaloe relish to your table, as well as their wonderful Cranberry Sauce. Also, Mint Sauce and their Jalapeno Sauce.


From Dublin, comes the Desert Menu, a scrumptious box of favourites all in the one box. Also, their Twist Wrap Selection of Chocolates.


From Galway, comes 6 wonderful luxurious mince pies from the Food of Athenrye


From Antrim, comes Grahams, Gold Great Taste Award winning, Oat Cookies with cranberry.


A truly all Ireland hamper, perfect for Christmas 2020.


Ships November 20th onward.

Christmas Fairytale Hamper (100% Irish)

Butlers Festive Menu 130g/Butlers Desert Menu 130g
Ballymaloe Mini Jar Gift Pack (6 x 35g)
Bewley's FT Java Fresh Coffee Ground 227g
Foods of Athenry Gourmet Sodabread Toasts 110g
Foods of Athenry Mince Pies (6) / Gluten Free Foods of Athenry Mince Pies (4)

Butlers Twist Wrap Chocolates 180g

Butlers Red Chocolate Collection 100g

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