Pack your sock to the brim this Valentine's Day with a delicious selection of treats and sweets, classic Chomps, Wham Bars, Curly Whirlies, Milky Bars, Love Hearts, soft Nougat Bars, Fizzy sherbet, and a selection of Jellies & Maoaw bars.


Top it all off with a pair of ultra-comfy Valentine's-themed Heart Socks.

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Socksie Time Hamper

SKU: STH1175
1x Pair of Valentine's Socks
1x Rowntrees Randoms, 150g
1x Haribo Sweets, 175g
2x Love Hearts
2x Nougat Bar
1x Milkybar
1x Toxic Waste Bar
1x Sherbet Fountain
4x Maoam Stripes
1x Chewits
1x Wham Bar