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A super way to say THANK YOU DAD and have some fun for all of the family.


Spending time with your dad is importnat and this gift gives you hours of time spent with him. You can interact with the traditional game of Dominos or Mikado, make some intesting characters with the Balloon making kit or maybe put your mind to a bit of construction.


While enjoying some the sweet Retro Collection of Swizzels Sweets contined within the Victorian Style Sweet Jar.


You can add a Super Dad Mug for €5.95 which will be a lasting memory of the day. Also, a 6" Super Dad Teddy Bear for €2.99.


Presented in a Love You Dad Bag.

Father's Day Activity Bag

Super Dad 6" Teddy Bear
Victorian Sweet Jar with 150g of Swizzels Mixed Selection
Box of Domineos
Mikado Pick Up Sticks Game
Retro Balloon Kit with 30 Balloons & Pump

Retro Construction Kit (Motor Bike or Helicopter or Chopper or Racer)

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