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This romantic gift will add a sparkle to the eyes of your beloved.  


A cute Valentine plush devil will put a loving smile on their face, while the wonderful and very tasty box of Lindor Amour Heart box of chocolates will warm up their hearts, along with a magical box of Milk Tray.


Your loved one can sit back and indulge in a smooth cup of Galaxy Hot Chocolate while munching on a luxury cookie.


There is a selection of bars as well to cover all favourites.


The hamper is presented in a Gold Hamper box 26cm x 26cm


Comes with a personalised message.

Valentine Devil Hamper of Sweet Treats

SKU: STH1047
Lindor Amour Heart Milk 160g/Lindor Cornet 200g
Valentine Devil

Cadbury Milk Tray 72g or 

Truffles Nature Cocoa Dusted 150g

Maltesers Box 100g or 

Truffles Hazelnut Cocoa Dusted 150g

Grahams Traditional Irish Oat Cookies 135g or Fox's Viennese Biscuits
Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate 125g or Fundiez Choco Biscuit Bag  150g
Nestle Toffee Crisp 42g
Kit Kat 41.5g
Munchies Tube 52g
Rolo 52g
Aero Bar 35g
Yorkie 38g
Snickers Bar 38g
Mars Bar 37g
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