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This Valentine's Pack of happiness includes a Heart Shaped Chalk Board with chalk for you to write your very own personalised loving message.


There is a selection of treats covering everything from a Butlers Luxury Desert Selection to Maltesers, Skittles, Randoms and a selection of bars.

A personalised message label is included in the price, making this a very lovely gift. 

The pack is presented in a Red Gift Bag.

Love Heart Pack

SKU: STH1040

Heart Shape Blackboard & Chalk

Butlers Desert Menu 130g

Maltesers Box 100g or 

Truffles Nature Cocoa Dusted 150g

Rowntrees Randoms 150g

Skittles 200g

Nestle Toffee Crisp 42g

Kit Kat 41.5g

Munchies Tube 52g

Rolo 52g

Aero Bar 35g

Yorkie 38g

Snickers Bar 38g

Mars Bar 37g

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